my story

Akeso is holistic healing… balancing mind, body and spirit…..

Akeso offers holistic reflexology treatments using only natural, organic, toxic-free products. A wellness business which evolved from a very personal journey to heal. Healing is not about curing disease it is about self-discovery and how we can restore the body’s natural balance, leading to a more sustained and rewarding quality of life.


About Sarah…

‘A late-stage cancer diagnosis in 2017 age 32 prompted me to re-evaluate my lifestyle. I’d always thought that I was sort-of healthy; I was a vegetarian, didn’t smoke, exercised etc but in reality I was over-stressed, over-prescribed antibiotics and disconnected from my body. 

I had been trying out many different complementary and holistic therapies during my illness to help cope with harsh surgery and toxic chemotherapy. Reflexology seemed to have the biggest impact on me. It not only had a positive impact on me physically, helping to reduce my peripheral neuropathy but also on an emotional and spiritual level. So what started as an idea to just learn more about Reflexology and how it worked eventually led me to quit my career in the Fashion Industry and start up Akeso.

My intention with Akeso is show how we can use holistic therapies, diet, exercise, lifestyle and attitude to life to stimulate the self-healing powers of the body.

Prevention of illness is key, we live stressful lives and can use reflexology along with healthy lifestyle choices to help reach optimum health & wellbeing.’


Akeso is the journey of self-discovery, in pursuit of wellness.

When a plant doesn’t grow, you fix the environment it’s subjected to, not the plant
— Yashmayi Bhoi