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Foot reflexology

A restorative, energy moving foot therapy linking various reflex points on the feet with your whole body.

Benefits: Restorative, detoxifying, immune boosting and deeply relaxing.


60 mins - £45

30 mins - £30

Foot & hand reflexology

A calming treatment on your feet and hands, which will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Benefits: Balancing, rejuvenating and restores a sense of well-being


70 mins - £55

Reflexology & Indian head massage

All the benefits of reflexology combined with ancient Ayurvedic massage techniques.

Benefits: Relieves head, neck and facial tension. Increases mental clarity.


80 mins - £70

Following an initial consultation a treatment plan will be tailored to focus on your individual needs.


Plant power

Therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, certified organic CBD infused balm. Used on the feet during Reflexology for a nourishing treatment.

Benefits: Reduces inflammation, eases stress and anxiety, soothes and alleviates tension

Price: £5.00

Heat therapy

Heated Linen wheat bag designed to reach around the neck and shoulders to soothe tense muscles during your treatment.

Benefits: Natural pain relief, increased relaxation, decreased muscle tension and stress relief

Price: £5.00

Space out

A self-warming, jasmine scented eye mask to soothe and relax. The warmth helps to alleviate eye strain and allows you to peacefully drift off.

Benefits:  Blocks out light and helps you to fully switch off for Interstellar relaxation!

Price: £5.00

Boost any of the therapies on offer by adding on one of the above enhancements to your treatment